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Redmi Y2   
Redmi Y2 Is Indian Variant. But, China Sm Model Name Change, China Name This Mobile Model Redmi S2 .

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100% confirmed news & Guaranteed news Redmi Y2  Coming Soon Android "9" Pie Or Dual 4G VoLte))) and Dark Mode & Watermark dual and Many new new more Update.. Yes!! Really.     

Redmi Y2 is Not Good / Bad Phone. I Don't no. But, Xiaomi is delay Update system really. 
 Redmi y2 100% Confirmed update..  China already use Android 9 pie or dual 4G volte Redmi S2. Yes, really. 
Redmi y2 Update 100% Coming soon....  Maybe roll out date...  (August 2019) not Sure... But, higher possible. Okk

Please Watching this Video And Full details leaked :-